While the current situation in your systems is analyzed and illustrated by the best experts in the field, the path to be followed for the architectures you want to create and the architectures that need to be designed are created with advanced vision in line with cutting edge technologies. Gap analysis, current situation health report and security situation analysis are just a few of these services.
Improving the efficiency and performance of the products used in your structure, while also enhancing the level of security and ensuring the best possible protection of existing investments, is critically important for every organization. With the services we provide, the most efficient configurations are established while considering these criteria.
Operational management of all components of your IT infrastructure by a professional team is provided according to the specific needs criteria of each organization. Custom service structures are created by forming expert teams at the desired level of expertise.
Within the scope of our "service offers" service packages for the products in our solution catalog, content and service models tailored to your needs are created by Professional Services teams. Technical support services suitable for your most critical operations are provided 24/7 according to the defined SLA conditions.
It is a service provided with an offensive approach to uncover vulnerabilities in the target system and exploit them as much as possible. This allows for a comprehensive security assessment of the organization being served, addressing security vulnerabilities and weaknesses with a 360-degree perspective, and preparing comprehensive reports based on the findings.
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