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SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

Today, the number and complexity of components of security architectures have increased. Real-time monitoring and retrospective analysis of events in these large and complex architectures has become a fundamental need for organizations. Collecting the logs in your structure, storing them in a centralized structure, processing and correlating them, and detecting security incidents before they happen or while they are happening is an important part of security operations. To achieve this, the most appropriate solutions must be selected and integrated into the operation in terms of both performance and efficiency. SIEM products that have developed over time have now taken these processes to a much higher level with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. These processes become value-added not only by positioning the appropriate product, but also by its correct integration and interpretation of its outputs by expert cyber security engineers.

SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response)

The processes of detecting security incidents, determining the actions to be taken and then taking action are among the most critical operations that security teams perform intensively. These processes involve difficulties in terms of both efficient human resource utilization and fast execution of the operations. SOAR products make valuable contributions to these processes today. While facilitating and accelerating the work of the teams, it also provides a high added value by maximizing the security level.

Automating your cyber security operation processes is the approach that will take your organization to the highest level in terms of operational maturity. Automation of workflows by integrating and automating various usage scenarios, monitoring metrics, automation of workflows by defining processes by creating Playbooks, performing consistent and rapid intervention, facilitating the work of technical staff and enabling them to focus on where they should focus, while eliminating human error are the most important values that SOAR will add to your operation.


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