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Application Monitoring and Performance Management Solutions

When launching an application live, it is very important to monitor the operation of its applications. Is there slowness in the live environment or not? Why is the application slowing down? Is there a problem with database operations? Are external services slowed down? and we need to constantly find answers to similar questions. Therefore, application performance management is very critical for us. With the solutions we offer and the support we provide, we aim to keep your applications running at optimal performance. In this way, you can follow the flow of the code while your application is running and see where and how much time the application spends, you can instantly find answers to your questions such as where the slowness is in which function, where in the function, whether the database query took a long time, which query extended the time.

Network Monitoring and Performance Solutions

When there is a problem in applications, the network unit is the first to be questioned. When you encounter a typical IT problem, you have experienced many times that the problem cannot be solved because each unit claims that there is no problem on their side. With Destel’s Network Monitoring and Performance solutions, we analyze the packets in your network traffic and extract dozens of metrics. With these metrics, we determine where the problem is and tell which unit should examine which vertical.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Performance Solutions

One of the most important components of monitoring is the monitoring of infrastructure devices. It is critical to continuously monitor hardware as it continues to deteriorate, malfunction or become inadequate. With the solutions we provide, we monitor the health and utilization of your server and network devices and the flow on your network devices, allowing you to directly see whether the problem is hardware or not when a problem occurs.

End User Monitoring and Performance Solutions

One of the most important components of monitoring is monitoring the end user. Knowing what the end user experiences and customer satisfaction is critical for organizations. With the end-user monitoring and performance solutions we offer, we can observe what your end-user experiences and where they feel slowness before they report a complaint to you, and we can start the problem detection and solution process.

Deep Packet Analysis Service

The packets in your network traffic carry a lot of information and can tell you where the problem originates. Very small configurations in network devices and deficiencies in TCP settings cause very large and difficult to discover problems. With our expert staff, we determine which part and why the problem is caused by the packets we request from multiple points at the time of the problem by analyzing at L4 level.

Root Cause Analysis Service

With the root cause analysis service we offer, we provide solutions to gray problems whose exact cause cannot be found. In this way, you get rid of your chronic problems whose cause is unknown or cannot be found.  



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