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SOC Services     

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring, analysis and notification (L1 Service)
  • Incident Response (L2 Service)
  • Threat Hunting (L2 Service)
  • Vulnerability Researcher (L2 Service))
  • Threat Intelligence (L2 Service)
  • Case Analysis (L3 Service)


  • Providing the necessary technology and human resources to quickly detect and respond to a cyber incident.
  • Our MDR team collects information from your endpoints and related log sources to assess the incident, determine the authenticity of the threat and respond to the incident.

Blue Team Services

  • Examining and controlling the existing log structure of the organization, detecting and notifying if there are logs that are not received
  • Analyzing and improving the existing siem rules
  • Strengthening the MITRE ATT&CK® technical and tactical nomenclature by adding appropriate SIEM and EDR rules

Vulnerability Assesment

  • Conducting external and internal vulnerability scans
  • Reporting of findings, risks and prioritization of vulnerabilities
  • Presenting recommendations to eliminate vulnerabilities

Red Team

It covers the services of conducting external and internal penetration tests and reporting the findings.

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